Wednesday, November 11, 2009

White Wednesday - With Apologies

First - I apologize for posting so late on Wednesday. Second - I am sorry for the poor photos.
You are all such sweet blogging friends, I know without a doubt that you will forgive me.
BUT - I absolutely could not wait to show you all my new bridge lamp. The darling young lady at Creekside (in Abbotsford) was able to find not only one, but two for me to choose from.
I was soooooo excited, that I could not eat (totally not normal for me!)
Thinking back, I should have brought my camera to show you their store. Now I have a really great excuse to go back there.


Carolyn said...

Charming lamp=fun to find something you love!

June said...

Hi Lady Pamela,
The lamp is beautiful. I have always loved that style of lamp! I have seen a few, but haven't been in my budget at the time I saw them and then when I could afford one they were nowhere to be found. I am so glad thatyou have finaly found your dream lamp.

BellaRosa said...

Lady Pamela, I love your new lamp, it is so pretty, I love that style, like June said...when I find them I can't afford them :) I also loved the lamp shade on your small table lamp...and I think your pictures are beautiful..I am learning how to take them myself and even upload them...wooohoo no more 1 post every other week...I hope :) besos, Rose

Sandi said...

Pamela that lamp is just gorgeous!!! Amazing find dear friend!

Cheryl said...

Your lamp is fabulous! I love it... but whats that I see in the background? Wood??? heavens girlie, get out the white paint lol

Faded Charm said...

Beautiful lamp. It has a gorgeous base. Thanks for sharing and playing along.

Take care,


Jenns Three Graces said...

Lady Pamela - I thought I posted my white Wednesday on Tuesday this week! Life rolls on...Jennifer

Ana said...

What a pretty lamp Lady Pamela. I have been eyeing one similar at and antique/thrift store. It is not white, but it can certainly be painted...maybe I should go back again and check it out. Looking at how pretty yours looks just makes me want to get it more. :-) Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful evening. Until next time.


junkdreams said...

Such a beautiful lamp Pamela.....I haven't been to Creekside since Doris left, but miss going out there. Would love it if you did a post on the store.
Happy day.
PS I am so enjoying my magazines..have you picked up your package yet?

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Such a charming and pretty lamp! I'm so pleased you stopped by for a visit on my Christmas Pudding blog. I would be honoured for you to post a picture and the link; thank you. Hope you have a wonderful week.


Andrea said...

Very, very lovely!!!

Have a beautiful week!




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