Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spending My Birthday Gift Money

Each summer my dear MIL is very generous and remembers my birthday by including some spending money in with a specially hand picked greeting card. She also reminds me every time that I am to spend the money on 'myself' - No problem for me. I take my time choosing the perfect item, something that I will remember that it is specifically from her. I have so much fun shopping for just the perfect gift.
This year I chose the white pumpkin tea pot. I bought the cream and sugar last year. My friends and I are planning on having a harvest tea and will use them then, in the meantime, they will sit and be admired until it is time to bring out the Christmas decor.

I also bought a set of cast iron and glass candle holders with beautiful birds on them. I will post them another time.

If you would like to know where you can get the White Pumpkin Tea Set you can email June @ Scarlett Rose.
She has a wonderful on-line shop and is a sweetheart to her customers. She even included a lovely set of Victorian stamps that I will be able to use in my artwork (if I can part with them).
Thank you June.
And Thank You, Mom.

I am linking up to Kathleen's White Wednesday, it is really worth your while to check out and see what everyone else is up to.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Creativity

I have pretty much finished my fall decorating, all white of course. These letters are something new I made for this year inspired from an idea found at A Diamond in the Stuff. Thank you so much Courtney for sharing such a great project. The only thing different that I did was I used Thrift store frames painted Heirloom White and one I had lying around from Homesense.

The great thing is the letters can be changed out for N O E L @ Christmas or L O V E @ Valentines. I printed the letters on scrapbook paper leftovers and vintage music.

I loved the rose detail on this frame (75 cents). It was pewter so I had a difficult time deciding to paint it. But, not that difficult. lol
Two of the Thrift frames had never been used, they had copies of vintage photos in them. I will save those for a project some other time.
Linking up to the White Wednesday #66 at Faded Charm.

I just linked up to Funky Junk's Saturday Night Special. I'm not too sure I did things right as this is my first time, but I am sure you will enjoy your visit there.
Wishing you all unexpected blessings this week.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Birthday Party!

This year I was fortunate to be able to host the birthday bash for two of my young grandsons, aged 11 and 8 yrs old. Of course I asked if I could do the decorations in white. They think Grandma is a little funny anyway. The "P A R T Y" banner idea came from Scrapbooks Etc. I used bits from my scrapbooking stash and bits from thrift store finds, leftovers from the Dollar store - cost 0$.
Oh, I even used a bit from out of the local newspaper for the border trim.

I wanted to make more of these giant tissue paper roses, I just ran out of time and energy. There is a wonderful tutorial at My Shabby Streamside Studio
and they are lots of fun to make. Just like the Kleenex carnations we used to make when we were kids (only way bigger!). Thank you Sandy for taking the time to do that for us all.

The tissue was a handout at a store promotion last Christmas, so cost for this project - 0$.

Dollar Store balloons and thrift store streamers - $1.25

This banner is in French because my grandsons attend a French Immersion school. The two eldest are very fluent in both reading and writing both languages, the youngest started kindergarten this year, but knows a few words already. I am very proud of them.
Cost of this banner - printer paper and ink (you do the math)
A great birthday party celebration - PRICELESS!

Join another White Wednesday party over at Faded Charm - thank you once again Kathleen.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Think Summer is Past

I wanted to title this entry "Bad Blogger" but I did not like what I saw when I put that into Google. The world has taken the ordinary English language and perverted some of the words and their meanings. But what I wanted to say, is that I am sorry I have been gone from the computer for so long. I have had a surge of creativity (mostly scrapbooking) and did not want to loose the momentum. In other words, I have been having fun.
This is a piece that I made from scraps and thrift store stuff, the basic idea came from Crafts 'n Things Magazine August 2010 Issue.

I do promise to try harder to blog (at least more that once a month!) Thank you to all my kind and patient followers and friends who keep coming back with their encouraging comments. That is why I blog, basically.

Thank you to Stacey for the cute vintage photo.

And now, a quote (borrowing the idea from my friend Janis )

The beauty of the house is order,
The blessing of the house is contentment,
The glory of the house is hospitality,
The crown of the house is godliness.


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