Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall 2013 - Part 2


Fall 2013 - Part 1

It is very quiet here this afternoon. Everyone and every creature is napping. So I will be quiet and just leave you with some photos of my fall d├ęcor.



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dad's Summer Project

First of all, I would like to explain that my Dad is 90 years old. He is an amazing man with many talents.
Last spring, at my first vintage market of the year I scored a fantastic deal on dining room chairs. Six for $20.00 each.
Unfortunately, I always forget to take the before photos. Just picture 80's style upholstery and a medium wood stain.
It did not take me very long before I had a vision about what I wanted done with them.
My first thought was to take them to a professional.
Dad knew that I would want them painted white (he lives in the same house - you can't miss it) He decided right away that he might tackle the project himself.
OK Dad, have a go.
He started by taking apart the upholstery, every deeply embedded staple, one at a time. It must have taken him 2 months.
Then it was time to paint. By now he could take them outside as the weather had improved.
Funny thing, at the same time we had begun our project, my friend Kristy had a tutorial on her blog. It sure helped us out even though we did not follow all the directions exactly.
First of all, Dad used spray paint, Heirloom White. I think that some day I will send him to a class so he can learn to use Chalk paint. I think he would love it.
Next, he covered them with a canvas drop cloth. The staple gun would not go into the hard wood, so he used carpet tacks and nailed one about every half inch or so.
Finally, using a glue gun, he glued the trim into place.
Now I am sure I have left out some steps, and definitely not been able to explain how hard he worked on these. They may not be perfect, but my Dad made them, and for that I am extremely blessed.
I have covered them with my old chair covers to keep the pet hair off the bottoms.


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