Monday, November 16, 2009

To My Dear Blogging Friends

Meet my Dad.
This is him in the hospital recuperating from a fractured hip. He was feeling chilly so we covered him up in a heated sheet. My sister took this photo of him goofing around and I told him I would put it on my blog. I am now making good on my threat. lol
Many of my blogging buddies have been concerned about why my posts are so sporadic. Dad has come to live with us in Lady Pamela's Cottage. So now my days are pretty full. We are both enjoying the extra time spent together, and Dad is getting stronger every day.
Thank you for your prayers and concerns. I will post as time permits. Hugs to you all.


BellaRosa said...

So sorry about your fathers hip, hope he recovers from that quickly...but on the good are getting to spend some special time with him, enjoy it and hug him lots...I think that is one of the things that I miss the most about my dad..his hugs :)Besos, Rose

Mr. Lady Pamela's father...Lady Pamela needs to take a picture of you smiling :)

debi said...

Lady Pamela, I'm glad to hear that your dad is doing better. And I think it's wonderful that he has come to live with you.
I know you will enjoy the extra time you get with him.
Hugs, Debi

Sandi said...

Pamela your dad is a sweetheart! I know you are having some special moments together while he is staying with you. God bless you for your caring heart!! A lot of famililes don't have that and you are to be commended. I am so glad he is doing better!!

Marie said...

god bless him. i'm a nurse i've seen many things during my career that has not made any sense to me. the one thing that makes the most sense is family needs to be home with family to recover. blessings to you.

junkdreams said...

Hi Lady P,
So nice to meet your blessed you both are to have each other. I was thinking of your dad yesterday Pamela amidst that terrible storm.....keep reminding him how beautiful it is here when spring comes!!!
Happy day.

Carolyn said...

I hope your father continues to improve. So nice that you and your Dad are enjoying time together.
Take care,

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Awww....your dad is so sweet. I pray for his speedy recovery.

Thanks for stopping by to see my blue and white place setting for Thanksgiving. I don't mind at all if you post the pics and link to my blog. I'd be honored!


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