Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Fall Decor

 I am almost too late to post fall, but here are just a few little bits of my new things from this year.
Gorgeous fabric pumpkins that I bought from Becky at Timewashed on Etsy.

 The cream and sugar pumpkins are actually from last year. I bought them online from June at Scarlett Rose.

 This is a new velvet and lace pumpkin from Victorian Trading.
(Notice the tag that I haven't removed yet? lol)

The cookie jar is not new, neither is the hand painted picture. I bought the picture last winter at my friend's craft sale. I just haven't found the right spot for it yet. I almost gave it away this summer. I was hoping that someday when we can replace our kitchen cabinets that it will find a permanent place to be hung.
So, I am thinking that the next post I will start to have some Christmas to show you. I went to my first Christmas craft fair this season. Also, alot of the stores have tempting decor out.

New Pillows

 I have a sister who can make anything. I just have to ask her, and then wait till she gets some free time, then TA-DA, just like that I can have anything I want. 
 Here are the pillows that she made for my living room. Pretty impressive, eh!

 Here is the other one.
This is how they would look IF I could use them.
What? You say.
Well remember the puppy that is staying at my cottage, the one that likes to eat things? That is why my new pillows are safe and sound in my bedroom closet. Until I can safely bring them out.
I am NOT taking any chances with these pillows. (She has already attacked 2 of my other pillows)
Now, don't you wish you had a sister like me? I have two of them, both equally creative and generous. Thanks, Sis.


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