Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

These beautiful tiny bottle brush trees I purchased from my friend, Tracey at the Fieldstone Vintage Market. You can access her blog and her Etsy at
The only thing I added was the tiny cloche. What do you think, Tracey?
This photo shows how tiny they are. They are the cutest!
My china cabinet is sooooo different this year after my Dad painted it white this summer.
It was fun decorating it for the holidays.

See the lovely centre piece from Sandi. I am sure she would love a visit, too.
Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas and hugs for the New Year.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent Calendar TA-DA!

This project took me a whole year to make.
Some of my friends and followers have been waiting a long time for the unveiling.
I purchased the instructions from Paula
I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process. I am sure it will stay up past December.
Any bets as to how long?

The Last Two Tags

I was getting really, really close to finishing the Advent calendar. But I ran into a little problem.
I misplaced the first 11 tags. Not so little a problem really. I had the picture frame already hung and all the other tags up, but the missing ones were, well . . . missing.
My sister came to my rescue. We tore my upstairs apart looking for them, about to give up. Then success! Would you like to see how they all look together now?


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