Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Crafty Daughter

My daughter decided to recycle a burlap bag one day. She hunted through my thrift store fabrics, lace, and doilies. She hand stitched them to the bag one layer at a time until she ended up with a really nice project. So creative. All this loveliness was made from recycled items.
This is what the bag looked like before. It was the bag she received when she purchased some items from an aromatherapy shop.
I haven't decided what to do with my new bag. But for now it sits in my bedroom so I can admire the love and care she put into it. That suites me just fine.


Stephanie said...

Your daughter did such a beautiful job! I love the layers of lace - so pretty :)

Have a lovely Monday. Hugs!

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

It's gorgeous Pamela!!! xojanis

must love junk said...

So sweet! I love the embellished bag! :)

Sandi said...

Your daughter is very creative. What a cute bag and she did a great job!

June said...

The bag turned out so lovely Pamela! Your daughter did such a beautiful job turning it from plain-ess to prettiness!!! What a great thing to repurpose.
I was so happy to see you came by and want to wish you a wonderful weekend.

Kelly said...

That is so pretty! I love it for a bedroom too. It could hold reading glasses or tissues next to the bed.


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