Wednesday, November 2, 2011

White Fall Decor 2011

A lovely teacup caddy gifted me by my friend BHS holds a collection of white teacups.
The tag and lavendar sachet was a gift from Tracey at
Mini white pumpkins fill my current favorite item from Sandi at
I may have 'nagged' her a little about it, seeing it in some of her posts until she finally found one she could part with. I know it wasn't the polite thing to do, but part of me is really glad I did. Thank you Sandi.

My personal attempt at a 'Mum'-kin. That is where you take a fake Dollar store pumpkin and some fabric mums and jab them all over the pumpkin until they look like the old fashioned swimming caps back in the day. Know what I mean? These ones I coffee stained first.
This is the 35 year old maple finished china cabinet that Mom and Dad gave us for our wedding gift. DH was going to paint it white for me for my birthday in June, but Dad was bored after building the deck, so he volunteered. It gave DH more time to enjoy the summer on the deck instead of doing all the "Honey-Do" list things I usually have for him. We did alot of daytrips this past summer instead.
One poor wee pumpkin in the kitchen, that is all it got.


Sandi said...

Love your white fall decor Pamela! I have a hutch that I think I would love to paint white, but doubt it will happen. :(

Petite Michelle Louise said...'s all so lovely! i'm going to "pin" some of these! TFS! :)

Ana said...

Oh Ms. Pamela,
Your white fall decor is all so very pretty...I definitely think that the monogrammed pumpkin would go well with it all :-)

Much love,

Vintage Home said...

Love the pumpkin under glass!...Sorry I haven't sent you the pic of the dresser/desk I have now taken the snap and will have to learn to down load it!
Your home looks wonderful!

June said...

Pamela your fall decor is every thing I love. White and creamy and dreamy...and no orange in sight!


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