Monday, May 30, 2011

Why I {Heart} Blogging

You meet the nicest people in blogland, and when you get the chance to meet them in person, it seems, well, sort of extraordinarily special. This weekend I had the chance to go to the Old School Market in Abbotsford where I met some of my online friends. Tracey from RaggyGirlVintage also has an Etsy shop and made me a fabulous pillow, which was wrapped up in ribbon and an extra special gift of a lavender bag and a hand stamped clothes peg. I think it looks great where I left it for my photo shoot. If you click on her blog name there will be some photos of the sale. I did not take any because of the sea of people there, all you would of seen were the backs of many heads.

I also got a hug from Colleen at Vintage Home
...and appearantly just missed Janis my friend from Rust and Ruffles for the second time this week by seconds.

It has been a whirlwind kind of week.


raggygirlvintage said...

Thanks Pamela, so lovely to see you there! Wish we'd had more time to visit, what a crazy day in the nicest way!

Sandi said...

What nice gifts Pamela!! Love that pillow and the sachet is sweet too!!

Southwest Cottage Designs said...

What a pretty pillow and chair! I'm your new follower and noticed one of my most favorite scriptures you have on your blog - Phil. 4:8. When I was a teenager I memorized that verse and have kept it in my heart ever since.

Vintage Home said...

Hi nice to meet you in person!....Wasn't it a crazy day at the Market!..
I have not been blogging as I am getting ready for my new booth @ VillageAntique Mall in Fort Langley!...
Can't wait to see your Tag Calendar when its done!


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