Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Cottage Garden

My sister has been asking for some photos of my garden. Warning: if you have a green thumb, you will probably be horrified. :)
This is the birdfeeder that I got on clearance from HomeSense. It was marked down because some of the pieces were missing. My dad put it together with bits of this and that from the hardware store. He is very handy that way.

This is a dwarf lilac. It has been planted for 3 years and this will be our first flowers from it.

This is my favorite part of my garden. Dad built my shed when we first bought our home. It is my favorite earthly treasure. I loved the idea of hanging tea cups from the window boxes. It gives the garden a bit of colour even when there are no flowers.

This is our Retirement Home (just a joke my DH made up) I think it is a bit of whimsy and fun in my garden. You may notice alot of local plants. We find that the ones that grow best for us come from our local forest. They are free and the ones we pay for usually don't survive. Neither of us is really gifted in the 'gardening department'.


Barbara Jean said...

Your garden is delightful!
I love all your decor, and how special to have that little hose your Dad built for you.

And I think your plants look great!

Thanks for coming by today.
If you make up any of my ideas I would love to see them!


barbara jean

PS never did get that emila thing on my blog.
sorry. =(

June said...

I love your garden Lady Pamela. I love the garden shed too. I love a garden shed. Mine is an ugly little thing that is definitely not picture worthy, but I love having a space dedicated to the garden and the needs of keeping it. I love the retirement home too! So cute.

raggygirlvintage said...

Hi Pamela,

Those teacups are such a sweet touch! I also put in a couple dwarf lilacs a few years ago, but I've had flowers each spring?? Mine are still buds right now though, pretty late this year.


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