Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet My Friend, Sandi

The first friend I made in Blogland was Sandi from Wayside Treasures. I always felt that we were 'soul sisters'. The way she decorates, her love for her Lord, her closeness to family and the way she cares about others. Even though we have never met in person, I consider her a close friend and look forward to both her posts and her personal notes to me online. When I began my own blog, I wanted it to be like hers. Genuine and heartfelt, blessing and uplifting those who might happen to read it.
Thank you, dear friend.


Carolyn said...

I went to meet your friend Sandi and it was a pleasure!
Thanks for sending me over.

Sandi said...

Thank you so much Pamela! You are a sweetheart, but I don't feel that I deserve all your kind words. Today was one of those days that makes me wonder...
Have a lovely day!!

June said...

Hi Pamela,
I so agree about our dear Sandi. She is such a great friend and a huge inspiration to me. She always creates the most beautiful things for me to aspire to create myself.
It is great to be able to make friends with people like her and people like you. It makes my life much richer.

raggygirlvintage said...

Hi Pamela,

I linked to your art journal on my blog today, hope you're okay with that!


junkdreams said...

Hi Pamela,
Love these spoon markers....hope you are doing well...thinking of you!


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