Wednesday, August 19, 2009

White Wednesday

Today I thought I would share with you some of the great finds I got from HomeSense. From reading other posts, I am thinking our HomeSense is a similar store to the US, HomeGoods.
This mirror hangs in our designated office 'corner'. It has roses carved around the outside.
Here it is up close.

I bought this clock when my sister complained that I didn't have one in the living room. It sits over the cabinet that houses the television.
Both these items, as well as the metal grate that hangs in the stairway, were purchased with a gift card that my son bought me last Christmas. I sure had a great time spending it.
Thanks so much for stopping by, and thank you Kathleen for hosting.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Lady Pamela, your mirror is beautiful and I love the carved roses...

Cindy said...

Lady Pamela, Happy WhiteWednesday, I love your find, perfect-perfect. I love you pint hat.

Ana~A Petite Cottage said...

Good morning Lady Pamela,
What a beautiful mirror. I love the rose detail on it, very sweet. Have a wonderful White Wednesday.


Rebecca said...

Happy white wednesday
Very nice mirror
Blessings today

Sandi said...

Hi Pamela! Your mirror and clock are both so beautiful! That looks like something our Home Goods would carry so it could be the same type of store.
Have a wonderful day~

Karen said...

Happy White Wednesday.
What a beautiful mirror. And the clock is fabulous! I can remember spending the night at my grandparents house and they had 2 clocks that had chimes and I loved listening to them from different parts of their house. My in-law gave me clock about . . . 20 years ago, and it chimes, but it runs on batteries, you don't have to wind it, and it just doesn't have the same rich "BONG" as my grandparent's did.
I think I now know what I want for Christmas!!!
Have a great day - and thanks for sharing!
Karen @Some Days Are Diamonds

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Oooooh, I love both pieces but I think the clock is my favorite! Do I also spy a pretty white birdcage in the background??? :)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

That clock is gorgeous! I need to run to Homegoods & see if they have anything like it.

Joan@anythinsggoeshere said...

Very lovely choices for White Wednesday. come by and visit!

Joan@anythinsggoeshere said...

What pretty choices for White Wednesday. Come and visit!

blushing rose said...

Love them all ... beautiful pieces. TTFN ~ Marydon

Miss Gracie's House said...

That mirror is so, so pretty!

common ground said...

Two beautiful pieces for White Wednesday!

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Lady Pamela, I posted a little late on white wednesday, but here I am trying to catch up. You did a nice job finding such a pretty mirror and the clock is my favorite including the whites in the background.

Happy Whites-

French Cupboard said...

Great find! Blessings... Polly

Rebecca said...

Love the gorgeous mirror Sweet Pamela! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

Have a lovely, blessed day.


junkdreams said...

Hi Pamela
Love your whites...I just joined in on the White Wednesday after first learning about it on your blog. I've done my post for next Wed a little early as will be going up to the lake tomorrow where there is no internet.

Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Lady Pamela....what a lovely mirror and surely the price at those stores is right!

ali said...

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