Saturday, May 17, 2008

Poor Tessa

This is my poor dog, Tessa. She had surgery last week and had to wear one of those collar things. She was very good about it and did not complain.

Don't worry, she is doing very well now and enjoying soaking up the sunshine.

I decided to serve her breakfast on a silver platter with a crystal dish. (I still need to find another dish for her food) I think that is fitting for such a princess, don't you?

Lady Pamela


CJ said...

Welcome to the blogging world Lady Pamela. I just started in March. My friend inspired me to join. Do you like to garden? I've spent the last two days in mine. Enjoy:)

Rue said...

Hi Lady Pamela :)

I found you via your comment at M's blog. Your pup is awful sad looking in that collar, poor baby. I'm so happy she's doing well now :) I love that you gave her silver and crystal to eat off of ;)

Have a beautiful day!
rue :)


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