Wednesday, May 21, 2008

French Country Bistro

This is our new Baker's rack (a gift from my MIL) We are trying to achieve a French Country Bistro look in our kitchen. Tomorrow I will go to a store called Cozy Country and look for accessories to dress it up. I really don't know what I will be looking for. Tonight I will look online and get some ideas.
Last December we had major restoration done because of a plumbing leak from our neighbours so we decided that since everything was already taken apart we might as well renovate and update our kitchen.
It is a work in progress. We had plumbers in today and are waiting for the electrician to get in touch with us next. (So please pardon the holes in the walls)
Our kitchen has a long way to go but it looks a million times better already. We aren't planning to be able to finish for about 2 years as we are doing it paycheck by paycheck.

This is what the Baker's Rack looked like before I painted it black. It was purchased at HomeSense.
The magnet board beside it was made for me by my sister out of an old cupboard door and some sheet metal.

Lady Pamela

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