Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Far Behind

I can't believe it's been more than 2 weeks since my last post! I am feeling a bit guilty.
I received a beautiful lavender gift basket from Lisa at www.lisascreativedesigns.com.
There were so many wonderful things in my basket, handmade soap, candleholder and some pretty handmade tags. My very favorite was the glittery white 'hugs' sign. I am a big fan of those! I am using the basket that it all came in for an 'inbox' for my regular mail. That helps keep things a little more organized. Lisa also has a blog.
I'm sure she would love it if you visited and left a comment.


raggygirlvintage said...

What a treat! Aren't gifts so much fun:-)

June said...

Hi Lady Pamela, it was so nice to see you had posted. You have received the loveliest gift. I'm sure it brightened your day right up.

BellaRosa said...

Lady Pamela, amor you have been missed :) It was so nice to look over to my sidebar and see that you had a new post :) What lovely gifts you received! I hope you are feeling much better amor :) Take care and hope your getting some sunshine to make you smile :) Besos, Rose

ps..when you have a moment, please visit my blog, Karen of My Desert Cottage gave me a new beautiful look, please tell me what you think ;)

Sandi said...

I have missed you Pamela! I do hope you are doing better and that the sunshine will soon be here to stay! Wishing only Gods best for you dear friend.

junkdreams said...

Hi Pamela,
What a pretty basket. So nice to see your post as we have all been missing you very much!

Ana said...

Hi Lady Pamela,
What a lovely gift. Love the cute "Hugs" sign. Hope you're doing well. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Hugs and Kisses,

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh nonsense Lady Pamela, don't be feeling guilty, if anything I'm the one that neglects her blog..... two weeks isn't nothing! What a lovely gift and how sweet of her to make your day!

Hope all is well with you and enjoy your Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thrilled to see your new Blog decorations. Your New Book is looking lovely.
Nobody deserves a Special gift more than you & with a HUGS in it. I hope it made your day so much nicer.
Looking for you every day & am so happy when you are newly posted on your Blog.
Lady you have me hooked on something new AGAIN. I was Blessed the day we met & have enjoyed your sweetness, Quirky humour & kindness & Inspirations ever since. Now I get to follow your Blog & enjoy your blogging friends.
the Queen


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