Friday, July 24, 2009

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I really need a clock to let me know when it is time to quit.

The white vintage sewing machine drawer is supposed to be a ribbon dispenser, but I am using it to store fat quarters.

Magazine holders are great for storing patterns. These ones are covered with embossed wallpaper. I have instuctions here.

My bulleting board is waiting to be covered with inspiration.


Lea said...

Good morning Lady Pamela!
I love that you said you NEED a clock you'll know when to quit. THAT IS AWESOME.... WELL SAID LADY PAMELA! I can think of many spiritual lessons in your quote of wisdom.
The CROSS on your inspiration board is an awesome FOCUS for inspiration.
Blessings to you Lady Pamela...
In Him,

Judy @ In His Grip said...

I like your magazine holders. Come on by and visit my studio at:

Caleen said...

I love your space. How kind to give some space to your DH.. Love the magazine covered holders. Also the inspiration board. Love the way you stored everything. It looks
like a fun space. Thank you for sharing. Keep creating..


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