Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Words

These are the books that I am reading right now. I borrowed them from the library. I started with Carolynn Westbrook Home, a truly lovely book. Well written with beautiful photos. I highly recommend it. See if your local library can get it in for you.
The other one is Decorating with White. An older book published by the editors of the original Victoria Magazine. I had a quick peek inside and the photos are just dreamy.
The last one is Living With Lace by Bo Niles (sorry for the poor picture) Looks like I have some great summer reading.


Sandi said...

Hi Pamela,
Those books look wonderful! I am addicted to decorating books and have several. I adore the white decorating ones. You will have a grand time reading through them.

Andrea said...

I will most definitely put all these on my wish list. They all look so beautiful!

(Don't forget to check my most recent post, for I left a little something for you there.)

With Christ's Love,



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