Friday, June 29, 2012

A Really Amazing Artist

 I know it's been a R-E-A-L-L-Y long time since you have all had a post from me. This afternoon is quiet and the housework is done (is it really ever always done?) so I thought I should catch up on some of the things that I have been doing around the cottage.
The first thing I noticed is that Blogger is totally all changed! So I have to figure things out again. This may take some time, so I will keep my posts simple.

I met a fellow blogger and ARTISTE EXTRAORDINARE quite by accident one afternoon while my DH and I were taking a drive in a different township. My eagle eyes spotted a "Craft Sale" sign and I shouted - follow that sign! We did, and we eventually came to a home where several crafts people had set up a small sale. Of course I had to see what they had. I saw a few of Kristy's goodies, notably the signs that she makes. I fell in love. I took her business card and sent her an email asking if she would consider making a custom one for me.  She agreed and here is the resulting treasure.
Kristy has an amazing talent and the wood seems to inspire her. She loves a good challenge, too.
To read her post about how she came about this design, you can visit her blog here. 
Please tell her Lady Pamela sent you.


Petite Michelle Louise said... serendipitous! that sign is fabulous!!

Susan said...

What a lovely sign - perfect for your charming home. Thanks so much for your visit, and mentioning you read my article in Somerset Life. I'm so happy to hear that! :)

Sandy Leigh said...

Your sign is beautiful--and I know what you mean about all the changes on blogger. I was away from my blog for a couple of months ( and when I returned I didn't know if I would be able to figure it all out! There's also something going on with them wanting me to pay to put photos on Picassa! I need a blogger guide! Take care.


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