Monday, October 4, 2010

Celebrating 100 Followers with a Giveaway

I am celebrating my 100th follower today by offering a copy of the latest issue of my favorite magazine, Somerset Life. There is nothing I like better than to sit back with a fresh cup of coffee and read through a great magazine. These really are more like books than magazines. I keep every copy.
The rules are very simple, you just have to leave me a comment. That's it. Nothing else.
If you already have your own copy of Somerset Life, we will work out something with another magazine that you might like.
I will choose a random comment number on Friday, Oct. 15th, so make sure you have your comments in by the 14th.
You might like to let other's know about my giveaway by linking to this post on your blogs.
Wishing you unexpected blessing.


Lisa said...

CONGRATULATIONS on 100 followers! That is a great accomplishment as now that I'm blogging I see first-hand just how difficult it can be in Blogland! Have a great day!

Sandi said...

Hi Pamela,
Would love to enter your lovely giveaway. CONGRATULATIONS on 100 followers too!!

Deb said...

Hi Pamela
Found your blog through June @laughing with angels :-)
Love all the Somerset publications & thought that was the prettiest magazine cover!
Looking forward to having a look through your blog this morning ♥ Congratulations on 100 folowers.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

happy 100th follower! I already have that magazine so no need to add my name...just wanted to wish you well!

Jacqui said...

Well done on your 100th follower! Can't enter as I live in the UK, but keep on blogging!!

Lori said...

Pammie, what a great blog you have! I NEED to get together with you one day and glean from your blogging wisdom. Congrats on your 100 followers. Actually aren't I #101? Your pal, Lori

Ardene said...

eI love reading your Blog, I look forward to getting my e-mails that let me know you have updated. I also love to read your copies of Somerset when ever I get to visit you. Love from Ardene

Barbara Jean said...

Oh I'd love to win that magazine!
Thanks for the giveaway, and congratulations on your milestone.


barbara jean

Pattie said...

Hi Pamela, congratulations on your 100th follower! Just found you on Faded Charms' White Wednesday. Now I am a follower, too!
Thanks for the giveaway, I love this magazine!

Terri Gordon said...

Hello, What a lovely giveaway, and congratulations on 100 followers, I just found your beautiful blog and I am now a follower. Have a wonderful week. Terri

Vintage Home said...

Yeah 100 followers!...I am at a loss as to how to do this ...but you have given me inspiration!

Carrie said...

Hi Pamela,
Congratulations on 100 followers. This is the first time I've ever posted a comment. I don't have a blog, not sure I'd know how to do it, but I love to follow all the blogs, love anything vintage, shabby chic, romantic style. I, too, live in B.C. and shop at Creekside, both stores, also love to shop at Button Box but we live in a very small town about 3 1/2 hours away, so I very seldom get to do much shopping. Would love to win your Somerset Life giveaway, as I can never find it in any of the stores when I do get to town. One of my favorite magazines. Always enjoy when you post a new blog. Have a great day.


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