Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Think Summer is Past

I wanted to title this entry "Bad Blogger" but I did not like what I saw when I put that into Google. The world has taken the ordinary English language and perverted some of the words and their meanings. But what I wanted to say, is that I am sorry I have been gone from the computer for so long. I have had a surge of creativity (mostly scrapbooking) and did not want to loose the momentum. In other words, I have been having fun.
This is a piece that I made from scraps and thrift store stuff, the basic idea came from Crafts 'n Things Magazine August 2010 Issue.

I do promise to try harder to blog (at least more that once a month!) Thank you to all my kind and patient followers and friends who keep coming back with their encouraging comments. That is why I blog, basically.

Thank you to Stacey for the cute vintage photo.

And now, a quote (borrowing the idea from my friend Janis )

The beauty of the house is order,
The blessing of the house is contentment,
The glory of the house is hospitality,
The crown of the house is godliness.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lady P for coming back.
Love your project, so simple & impressive.
I love your quote about the home. Very true & something I need to remember more often.

Rebecca said...

We'll be looking forward to seeing all your creations-Happy WW

Lisa said...

Welcome back! You were one of my first followers and after one nice comment, you disappeared. As long as you were having fun ... that's the main thing. Your shadow box is beautiful!

Nancy Y said...

Lady Pamela,
Your shadowbox is Fabulous! I love it! Welcome Back! The home quote is lovely, thank you for sharing it!
Have A Wonderful Day!
Nancy :)

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

I was just thinking of you yesterday, and look at that you popped up..... that is great. Your not the only bad blogger, I need to step in up a notch myself, but then again who says we need to blog something every day anyways... I like your shadow box Pamela, it is always a joy to be able to create. Last weekend I was able to create beauty outside at my sisters home.... doing some landscaping for her and that is my top enjoyment!

Have a Wonderful Day and sending a Hug*

The Blackwood Cottage said...

I love, love, love that photo!!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Hi Lady Pamela,
We are still waiting for summer to pass here in Alabama. Just when I thought fall was on its way, here comes the upper 90's again! Oh, well I'll be complaining in February about it being cold.

I've been enjoying snooping around your blog for a few minutes. You are very creative, love the key and the gumball machine is wonderful. Also, like all your white and beautiful garden.

Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth Ann's. Hope you'll come back soon.

Elizabeth Ann

rustandruffles said...

Hi Pamela,
Love, love, love this project and love the quote. So happy to see your post and so happy you have been busy creating!!!


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