Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thrift Store Heaven

These are just a sample of the treasures I found while on vacation in Kamloops. I think there was a thrift store on every block! Nothing I bought was over $2.00.
This pretty silver dish was quite tarnished. I had planned on painting it white but is polished up pretty well. It will remain silver (for now). I haven't yet found a home for it.
This little tray was already painted white. Someone else thinks the same way as I do.
I am looking for a chunky pediststal that I can glue a plate to, to make a base for this glass dome. I would like to put one of those faux cupcakes under the glass. I wonder if that would make me hungry all the time?

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Candy said...

Dear Pamela,
You got some lovely items. Did you see the faux cupcakes I got in the mail today? You should check out Beks Shabby Dreams if you are looking for some because hers are soooo beautiful. I cant say enough good things about them.
Hope you have a lovely day.
Love Candy


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