Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Pretty Little Sewing Drawer

I had a little idea to make a storage box from an old sewing machine drawer. I bought one early in the summer, and I wanted to paint it in Chalk paint. I have a small sample size, but not the special brushes and wax. So I asked a very talented and kind friend if she would have the time to help me out.
Kristy from 4TheLoveofWood does fabulous work. She is incredibly talented.
The drawer came back (hand delivered by George) just as I had imagined it.

This is what it looks like painted. Beautiful. I glued on crystal drawer pulls for little feet. Actually, that is the only part that I did on 'my' project.
I gave it to my Dad so he would have a place for his mail. He keeps it on top of his dresser in the living room. It keeps things looking a little organized.

This is what it looked like before, even then it was pretty. I bought this from Joanna at Cottage Kisses. Joanna is a super nice Etsy vendor who also hand delivered for me.
It seems you meet the nicest people online.


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