Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Incredibly Talented Friend

My girlfriends gave me a lovely early birthday luncheon and this was one of the gifts that I received. It is entirely handmade from paper and a paper mache book box.
Each delicate flower is made by hand by the artiste, and the box itself is painted white. You would not believe how lovely this is in person.

See the beautiful crystal bead closure.

The inside is lined with criss-crossed ribbon and pearls. Thank you, Betty.

I am linking to White Wednesday - Just click on the photo on the sidebar.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Advent Tags # 16,17,19 & 20


The last two posts have given you a break from tags for awhile, but I am still trying to get them finished before the end of summer. If you have been counting - I have 5 left to go. I also have a HUGE frame to spray paint white and a ceiling tile to cover and quilting pins to make to hang the tags, so this project is NOT over yet. But I am please with how far I have come. I think all the positive comments I have gotten is the real reason I keep going. I thank you all for them.



I have everything I need for the missing #18, so that should show up soon.

Happy White Wednesday.


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