Friday, July 19, 2013

Lavender and Lemon Tea

One thing my BFF's love to do is have tea parties. This one was in honour of our 10th Anniversary of being a group. We have so many great memories of things we have done over the years. It was wonderful to sit on the patio and reminisce about them.

The theme of this tea was Lavender and Lemons. I found some wonderful ideas on Pinterest. Everyone contributed and it was fun to see the table setting come together.
Lemon tarts and lemon cookies. 

Pretty candles and some lavender doilies from the thrift store.
Vanilla cupcakes with lemon pie filling.
We used jelly jars with special lids for the lemonade and iced Lavender Berry Tea.
The tags were printed from Clean and Scentsible.
There was a chalkboard label on each glass so we could write our names on them.
My kitchen table wire basket made a nice centerpiece with fresh lemons in the top and scones on the bottom. We had Lavender honey for the scones.

My sister made peat pots and lavender, and lavender eye masks for everyone to take home. We make a good team, I find the ideas, then I tell ask her politely to make them all. She is just so talented.
I hope you enjoyed our Lavender and Lemon Tea.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Deja Vu Vintage Market

My dear friends held a birthday party for me last month. Many of them gifted me with $$$$ which I saved for the Deja Vu Vintage Market. The market was fabulous. I wanted to share some of my goodies. There are still a few more, but I will wait until they are in their new places before I take the photo.
(It has been months since I attempted a post, so please bare with me)
My first find was this vintage photo frame. There is some pretty scrapbook paper in it for now, just to show it off. 
Here is a close up of the rose carving detail.
Next was a sewing machine drawer. I have looked for one for a long time. I found some on Etsy, turns out the vendor was going to be at the Market. She brought it along so I would save on the shipping.
I plan to paint it shabby white. Just can't decide whether or not to use chalk paint. 
Amazing detail on the drawer as well.
Another long time want of mine. A trophy. I told my DH it was for the World's Best Wife. I sure missed a chance to butter him up, I should have said for the World's Best Hubby. *smiles*
Lovely oak leaf and acorn detail on the handles.
Still one other score! My vintage scale. Was I on a roll or what!
You probably can`t make it out in the photo, but it says Made in Australia.
A few bits and bobs. Baker`s twine. Ceiling tile. Pretty silver spoon handle with a crystal attached. They were crafted specifically for bridal bouquets, I don`t plan on getting married, so it will either be a key chain or a necklace.
Don`t forget, there is still more.
I will remember this shopping bonanza for a long time to come.


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