Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some Crafting Time

My sister teaches classes in paper crafting. Greeting cards, scrapbook pages and other projects. This is my version of a class she taught using Close to My Heart paper.
The photos are a digital download from a really sweet vendor I met at a market this summer. I call them my `rented` family. Jeanne was great for scanning some photos that I could use in my project.


I really enjoyed having some creative time. Can`t wait for the next class.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall 2013 - Part 2


Fall 2013 - Part 1

It is very quiet here this afternoon. Everyone and every creature is napping. So I will be quiet and just leave you with some photos of my fall d├ęcor.



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dad's Summer Project

First of all, I would like to explain that my Dad is 90 years old. He is an amazing man with many talents.
Last spring, at my first vintage market of the year I scored a fantastic deal on dining room chairs. Six for $20.00 each.
Unfortunately, I always forget to take the before photos. Just picture 80's style upholstery and a medium wood stain.
It did not take me very long before I had a vision about what I wanted done with them.
My first thought was to take them to a professional.
Dad knew that I would want them painted white (he lives in the same house - you can't miss it) He decided right away that he might tackle the project himself.
OK Dad, have a go.
He started by taking apart the upholstery, every deeply embedded staple, one at a time. It must have taken him 2 months.
Then it was time to paint. By now he could take them outside as the weather had improved.
Funny thing, at the same time we had begun our project, my friend Kristy had a tutorial on her blog. It sure helped us out even though we did not follow all the directions exactly.
First of all, Dad used spray paint, Heirloom White. I think that some day I will send him to a class so he can learn to use Chalk paint. I think he would love it.
Next, he covered them with a canvas drop cloth. The staple gun would not go into the hard wood, so he used carpet tacks and nailed one about every half inch or so.
Finally, using a glue gun, he glued the trim into place.
Now I am sure I have left out some steps, and definitely not been able to explain how hard he worked on these. They may not be perfect, but my Dad made them, and for that I am extremely blessed.
I have covered them with my old chair covers to keep the pet hair off the bottoms.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Pretty Little Sewing Drawer

I had a little idea to make a storage box from an old sewing machine drawer. I bought one early in the summer, and I wanted to paint it in Chalk paint. I have a small sample size, but not the special brushes and wax. So I asked a very talented and kind friend if she would have the time to help me out.
Kristy from 4TheLoveofWood does fabulous work. She is incredibly talented.
The drawer came back (hand delivered by George) just as I had imagined it.

This is what it looks like painted. Beautiful. I glued on crystal drawer pulls for little feet. Actually, that is the only part that I did on 'my' project.
I gave it to my Dad so he would have a place for his mail. He keeps it on top of his dresser in the living room. It keeps things looking a little organized.

This is what it looked like before, even then it was pretty. I bought this from Joanna at Cottage Kisses. Joanna is a super nice Etsy vendor who also hand delivered for me.
It seems you meet the nicest people online.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Last Days of Summer

These are the last of my summer photos from outside. I heard the local farmer's market has baby white pumpkins ready. I am looking forward to decorating for fall, though not the typical rain that we always get.
This candle stand was the last purchase I made with my Christmas gift money. Yes, that's right, I said Christmas. I savour every dollar I get and make it stretch as long as I can. The candle is an LED candle from Pier 1. It has a timer and get this, it is remote controlled. Ha Ha. I love it. Cant' get any easier than that. Made out of wax, they look so real, and are safe to burn. I love that the most.
Two of the decorative dangles I bought on Etsy. They are made from vintage silver cutlery and crystals. I love re-invented vintage things.
I have added a twin ruffled bed skirt to the loveseat, that way I can store a few things under there and no one notices. Except Dad's cat.
The canopy over the loveseat I bought at the Deja Vu Vintage Fair. I have no idea what it is supposed to be, but I liked it floating over the seat. It is built like an umbrella, it folds up and closes when not in use. It is made from lace but is large and rectangular. Any ideas out there?
Here is a close-up underneath. Any guesses?

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Little Late

 I should have posted this project in January as it was a Christmas gift from my DH. I had taken some photos, but the camera card got mixed up with my DD's (it is, after all, her camera!)
 I had asked for something to hang my pretty scarves on for a gift. This is what DH and DD came up with. What looks like a birdcage became my scarf holder. Pretty cool, eh.
At Christmas time there was a cute white owl in the cage. This spring I changed it out for a dove. The owl is with a small collection of white owls.

DH put crystal knobs all around the cage, and hung it on the wall in my bedroom. Now I can see my scarves and some of my longer necklaces.
I love how my DH and DD worked together on this project and that it was created just for me. Makes it very special.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Crafty Daughter

My daughter decided to recycle a burlap bag one day. She hunted through my thrift store fabrics, lace, and doilies. She hand stitched them to the bag one layer at a time until she ended up with a really nice project. So creative. All this loveliness was made from recycled items.
This is what the bag looked like before. It was the bag she received when she purchased some items from an aromatherapy shop.
I haven't decided what to do with my new bag. But for now it sits in my bedroom so I can admire the love and care she put into it. That suites me just fine.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Lavender and Lemon Tea

One thing my BFF's love to do is have tea parties. This one was in honour of our 10th Anniversary of being a group. We have so many great memories of things we have done over the years. It was wonderful to sit on the patio and reminisce about them.

The theme of this tea was Lavender and Lemons. I found some wonderful ideas on Pinterest. Everyone contributed and it was fun to see the table setting come together.
Lemon tarts and lemon cookies. 

Pretty candles and some lavender doilies from the thrift store.
Vanilla cupcakes with lemon pie filling.
We used jelly jars with special lids for the lemonade and iced Lavender Berry Tea.
The tags were printed from Clean and Scentsible.
There was a chalkboard label on each glass so we could write our names on them.
My kitchen table wire basket made a nice centerpiece with fresh lemons in the top and scones on the bottom. We had Lavender honey for the scones.

My sister made peat pots and lavender, and lavender eye masks for everyone to take home. We make a good team, I find the ideas, then I tell ask her politely to make them all. She is just so talented.
I hope you enjoyed our Lavender and Lemon Tea.


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