Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spring Project

 This is one of the spring projects that my Dad built for me this year. It is so great to have him living with us - he will build anything I ask him to. The armoir in the centre was a Craig's list find. He converted it from a computer desk into office storage. We sold the old Ikea bookcases that looked out of place in my colour scheme, but then I missed looking at all my pretty things that used to sit on them for display. I have to have my 'things' you know.
 So, Elinor from The Passionate Home suggested that we just add some small cases on either side of the armoir. Of course I could not find anything in the right size pre-made. So that was when I asked Dad if he would make them for me. Of course, how could he say 'no'.
I love how we used beadboad as the backing, and all the trim to make it look finished. Even all the edges have trim on them.
Now I need to take some photos of them filled up. I thought I had already done that. I guess that is for next time.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Romantic Homes?

 Do you love magazines? I do.
Do you have a few select favorites? I do.
Do you like to take time once in awhile to relax and enjoy your newest issue that just arrived in the mail?
I do....
 This is (was) my July issue of Romantic Homes Magazine. One of the two that I subscribe to.
Looks like someone else in this house loves a good book, too.

I was a wee bit surprised (shocked) to find this on my bed. I should have known something was up when the house was so quiet one afternoon. My daughter's puppy, I believe, was to blame.

I'll just bet it was their best issue ever, too. :)


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