Friday, August 30, 2013

The Last Days of Summer

These are the last of my summer photos from outside. I heard the local farmer's market has baby white pumpkins ready. I am looking forward to decorating for fall, though not the typical rain that we always get.
This candle stand was the last purchase I made with my Christmas gift money. Yes, that's right, I said Christmas. I savour every dollar I get and make it stretch as long as I can. The candle is an LED candle from Pier 1. It has a timer and get this, it is remote controlled. Ha Ha. I love it. Cant' get any easier than that. Made out of wax, they look so real, and are safe to burn. I love that the most.
Two of the decorative dangles I bought on Etsy. They are made from vintage silver cutlery and crystals. I love re-invented vintage things.
I have added a twin ruffled bed skirt to the loveseat, that way I can store a few things under there and no one notices. Except Dad's cat.
The canopy over the loveseat I bought at the Deja Vu Vintage Fair. I have no idea what it is supposed to be, but I liked it floating over the seat. It is built like an umbrella, it folds up and closes when not in use. It is made from lace but is large and rectangular. Any ideas out there?
Here is a close-up underneath. Any guesses?

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Little Late

 I should have posted this project in January as it was a Christmas gift from my DH. I had taken some photos, but the camera card got mixed up with my DD's (it is, after all, her camera!)
 I had asked for something to hang my pretty scarves on for a gift. This is what DH and DD came up with. What looks like a birdcage became my scarf holder. Pretty cool, eh.
At Christmas time there was a cute white owl in the cage. This spring I changed it out for a dove. The owl is with a small collection of white owls.

DH put crystal knobs all around the cage, and hung it on the wall in my bedroom. Now I can see my scarves and some of my longer necklaces.
I love how my DH and DD worked together on this project and that it was created just for me. Makes it very special.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Crafty Daughter

My daughter decided to recycle a burlap bag one day. She hunted through my thrift store fabrics, lace, and doilies. She hand stitched them to the bag one layer at a time until she ended up with a really nice project. So creative. All this loveliness was made from recycled items.
This is what the bag looked like before. It was the bag she received when she purchased some items from an aromatherapy shop.
I haven't decided what to do with my new bag. But for now it sits in my bedroom so I can admire the love and care she put into it. That suites me just fine.


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